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i.c.stars was created in Chicago in 1998 by Sandee Kastrul and Leslie Beller. Sandee had seen one of her most talented students from her teaching years working for minimum wage as a housekeeper in a Chicago hotel. Her chance encounter made her wonder what she could do to make sure underprivileged workers could meet their fullest potential. She wanted to create opportunities for people who were highly talented but lacked career opportunities because of their socioeconomic background.

Since 1999, i.c.stars has graduated 400 alumni and expanded from its original Chicago location to include Columbus and Milwaukee.

For more about the i.c.stars Chicago program visit http://www.icstars.org.


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i.c.stars |* milwaukee
200 N Jefferson St, 2nd Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Talent Development Manager Rosalinda Fowlkes: 414.501.5294


Measure of Impact


Interns hired within completing the four month intensive internship.


Interns enter the technology field after program completion.


12 month earnings increase after program (based on averages).